Beam Wearable Smart Dynamic Full Color Display 1.4

BEAM connects us in the real world. Invites Conversation, Share your values. Now more than ever there are so many ways to share what we care about, who we are as individuals and what inspires us. Technology has opened up a whole new world of self-expression platforms with personal websites, texting and social media networks. We broadcast ourselves in real time online constantly, but wouldn’t it be great to share those perfect posts offline and in the real world, too? BEAM Authentic has the ans

  • WEAR YOUR PASSION: Show the world exactly what inspires you in real time with the first wearable smart Display called a BEAM. You can Beam support for your school, teams, causes, bands, hobbies, friends and family
  • CREATE CONTENT: Display GIFs or make your own slideshow using personal photos, images pulled from the internet, or use the easy design tool
  • SHARE A CAUSE: Donate directly or generate awareness about movements and causes
  • DISCOVER CONNECTIONS: Browse or subscribe to BEAM feeds to find shared interests or receive content
  • BEAM YOUR LOCATION: Panic Button feature sends a map link and text message from your phone to up to 4 contact

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