Excellent MITTEEZ Organic Premium Teething Mitten and Keepsake for Babies 0-8 Months – Green

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MITTEEZ Organic Premium Teething Mitten and Keepsake for Babies 0-8 Months - Green

MITTEEZ is the Ultimate “Organic” Baby teething mitten. An award-winning, 100% safe, two-stage developmental, protective and drool management teething mitten and keepsake toy for your baby. Supporting your baby’s teething process throughout their entire teething period from 0-8 months and 7-15 months with a two-stage teething mitten. MITTEEZ was created – to help all parents and babies through this challenging process. MITTEEZ is a high-quality teething mitten that is safe, hypo-allergenic, BPA

  • The Ultimate Organic Teething Mitten for babies 0-8 months (Stage One) NOT POLYESTER
  • Handmade, baby keepsake toy, approved and recommended by medical professionals
  • Interchangeable for either hand with an adorable developmental, removable teddy bear rattle wrist wrap. Stimulating Sensory babies love
  • Hypo-allergenic, food grade, BPA and Phthalate Free teether; 100% natural certified organic cotton and bamboo fabrics
  • SINGLE MITT in Pea Green or Baby Pink. Comes with an adorable keepsake box and travel/washbag

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