Frisbee Flying Discs Bluetooth Speakers,Wireless Waterproof Speaker with LED Light Flying Saucer Design Magnetic Suction Charging Fly Disc for Camping Swimming Fitness Kids and Pets Toys

1. The world’s first waterproof, wireless Bluetooth Frisbee Speaker that is integral seal and never seepage.
It has 50 meters (168ft) long distance wireless connectivity,
and powered by lithium rechargeable battery via a USB A Male type interface to magnetic charging connector cable.
2. This Frisbee Speakers use impact resistant polypropylene plastics through thousands of throw tests.
3. Portable compact size and lightweight. The Frisbee Speakers are especially suitable for out

  • Frisbee Bluetooth Speaker:wireless speakers for family outhing,play and camping one Lawn or beach,good toys for kids and dogs play and do sports
  • Sports Frisbee Speakers:Cool sports bluetooth speaker make you more passionate,or you runing at ninght, Magnetic Suction Charging
  • Desktop wireless speakers:Portable compact size and lightweight,gift guide for kids , enjoying music free,Decorate your room beauiful
  • Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker:Frisbee Speakers IPX6 are especially suitable for outdoor parks, playgrounds, swimming pools and seaside areas
  • Led Backlight dancing Speaker:7 Colors Led lights flash,playing or Cycing at night light ,keeping you safe

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