[Learn] CCTV – 10 Reasons Why You Should Have a CCTV Security System

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CCTV – 10 Reasons Why You Should Have a CCTV Security System

Closed-circuit television is a kind of a security technique which involves the usages of video camera which are commonly called CCTV cameras. The purposes of these are to transmit a signal to TV sets or monitors for the purpose of security. CCTV is a lot different than broadcast television. It differs in that the signal is not openly transmitted.

CCTV systems employ point to point wireless links, often used for surveillance. These Camera security systems are used in areas which need security. Some examples can be banks, casinos, airports, shopping malls or military installations, army bases etc. However, the increased use of CCTV in public places has caused debate over public. It is argued that this is a debate on security versus privacy. In many industries and industrial plants and semi-industrial plants, these cameras are used to observe parts of processes that are remote. The control is through a control room. Continuous operation of CCTV systems could be done. They can also be used to overview just a specific portion or an area.

The first CCTV system was installed at Test Stand VII. It was in Peenemünde in the country of Germany in the year 1942.

These CCTV cameras were installed for observing the launch and take off of V2 rockets. CCTV systems are often used at launch. They are used at these sites to record the flight of the rockets. This is helpful in order to find the possible causes of malfunctions if any, happening during the launch. Film cameras are also used for this purpose. The more large rockets are often installed with camera systems. They allow pictures of stage separation to be transmitted back to earth by radio linkages. CCTV systems are also used to observe the launch pad, before the launch. This is none especially when no other person can be there, because of safety hazards and other safety reasons.

The industrial process nowadays is mostly supervised by security cameras. There are some processes which are harmful for the humans but still take place.These cameras are mainly used in chemical industies.The other processes include the interior of reactors, facilities for manufacture of nuclear fuel etc. Use of Thermo graphic Cameras are used which permit operators to measure the temperature of the processes also.

The usage of of these systems in such processes is sometimes made mandatory by law.

CCTV cameras are also used outside government offices and other special government facilities. CCTV systems are a very good means of increasing security in banks. CCTV today has developed to that point where it is very simple and inexpensive enough to be used as home security systems also.

CCTV security systems are the next big thing on the general security scene, they have already overtaken all other means of security including spy cameras. CCTV cameras are and will continue to develop into the greatest security solutions available worldwide. CCTV security systems, CCTV security solutions would be buzz words in deciding about even security of small and very tiny enterprises. After all, with prices falling everyday, CCTV is much more affordable today than it was earlier.

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