[Learn] McDonald’s Surveillance Systems

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McDonald’s Surveillance Systems

While everyone has been discussing McDonald’s and their new push into the coffee market, they have been installing Surveillance Systems into stores all over the country. Just like McDonald’s perfected the fast food industry, they have also perfected the McDonald’s Surveillance System, whether it’s a 16 camera or 32 camera systems. Over the last 18 months we have been able to develop a cost effective functional commercial grade surveillance system specific to McDonald’s franchisees. During this time period we have installed over 100 systems throughout the country and have learned the needs and wants of local McDonald’s franchisees.

How do you want your surveillance dome cameras installed around the cash register area? How about the outdoor surveillance cameras at the drive through area and pay window? Do you want those cameras hooked up to monitors at the pay window and pickup windows to monitor the drive through line? What about the ability to log on to the DVR remotely from home or the main office? Are your product costs higher, you may be interested to know that most McDonald’s will install Surveillance Cameras into the freezer and cooler area! The economy is tough and theft will continue to increase in tough times.

Interested in central monitoring software allowing you to view all of your stores at the same time? What about an email alert when the first person clocks in and when the last person clocks out? Yeah, all of this is possible with a customized McDonald’s Surveillance System and more!

With local integrators throughout the US we are able to offer installation services and maintenance when needed. We have a full time systems engineer and four technicians on hand to custom design your system and offer customized training.

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