Leupold LTO Tracker HD Thermal Viewer

Compact and light enough to take on even the farthest backcountry hunt, your LTO-Tracker HD shows you the heat signature of game, blood trails, and more — day or night. The new LTO-Tracker HD takes thermal to another level: the 2nd generation thermal sensor detects heat out to 750 yards. Like a good knife, binoculars and a rangefinder, it’s essential gear.

Specifications Display Resolution – 390 x 390 Thermal Sensor Resolution – 320×240 Digital Zoom – 6x Field Of View – 18.1 at 1.6

  • Effective range up to 750 yards
  • Choose between 8 color palettes
  • 1.2″ Round 390×390 AMOLED Display with Gorilla Glass Cover
  • Operating temperature from -4F to +140F
  • Important: Not designed to withstand firearm recoil

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