Talkie Toys Products Fart Button (New and Improved -- Farts ONLY Version)

Is Anything Funnier than a Fart? We’re turning breaking wind into an art form. Your mother may have told you that they’re rude, crude, or inappropriate, but regardless of how old you are, you have to admit, the sound of a fart makes you smile. Maybe it’s because they’re innocently taboo, or maybe it’s because they’re just funny, but a perfectly timed toot can have the whole room in stitches! With the Fart Button, hilarity no longer has to be left to chance again! Whether you refer to it as passi

  • The Blame Game: They say whoever smelt it dealt it, but with the Fart Button, you can giggle at funny noises without covering your nose! It’s perfect for playing sneaky pranks – Just press the button, unleash the backdoor breeze, and blame it on whoever’s nearby!
  • Realistic Sound Effect: Preparing to perform a comedy skit? Be sure to keep the Fart Button on hand! The sound of bubbling flatulence will have everyone cracking a smile. At home, school, or even in the office, listeners will find it hard to keep a straight face!
  • New and Improved: Great for kids and kids at heart, the Fart Button can be used by class clowns and office jokesters alike! Revamped and better than ever, our updated talking toy now features 20 different fart effects that are simply too funny to be ignored.
  • High Quality: As a gag gift, wacky stress reliever, or a simple desk paperweight, our funny button is always reliable with clear, easy-to-hear sound clips. The durable design featuring bright colors means it was built for long lasting fun everyone can enjoy!
  • Easy to Use: It’s great for dropping in backpacks or purses when on the go. When the time is right, just push the button, and have some stilly fun!

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