Tavot Smart Glasses, Open Wireless Bluetooth Audio Sunglasses Bone Conduction Glasses Bluetooth Music Glasses Men and Women Outdoor Sports

Tips: Due to the limitation of bone conduction technology, bone conduction products may cause sound leakage. Compared with traditional headphones, the sound quality of the glasses is slightly different.
Bone conduction speaker: The glasses have an upgraded bone conduction speaker and a unique sound insulation cavity design, which can reduce the sound leakage rate by 87%.
Open ear design: The glasses have an open ear design, so you can easily listen to music, and you can also hear surrounding sounds, thus ensuring safety when running and cycling. Even if the glasses are worn for a long time, they will not damage the eardrum.
Anti-ultraviolet function: The glasses are equipped with a rechargeable lithium battery (110mAh / 3.8V), charging time: 2 hours, standby time: 160 hours, playing music for about 3-4 hours (according to changes in volume and sound source), continuous play The call is about 6 hours.
Moisture-proof glasses: The glasses use precision technology, have waterproof performance, reach IP67 level, and can effectively prevent splashing of domestic water and sweat.

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