TOROE Classic RANGE CAT4 Black Tint Polarized TR90 Unbreakable Sunglasses (Matte Black | Black (CAT4))

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TOROE Classic RANGE CAT4 Black Tint Polarized TR90 Unbreakable Sunglasses (Matte Black | Black (CAT4))

POLARIZED ENHANCED VISION – Our lens includes Grade A polarized filter for clarity and Glare reduction. Our Polarized lens also increase visual comfort and enhance the appearance of any view. – Smoke Lens: Category 4 (CAT4) not suitable for driving – Light Transmission: 3%-8% | All three color have Green Optical Anti Reflective Coating; also known as OAR | Good for General Purpose use and provides color perception. – Best for Range & Road.
HYDROPHOBIC COATING – We’ve glazed our lens with Hydrophobic material that protects from water. As soon as water lands on the lens; the water drops roll right off. This helps with the inconvenience of having to wipe your lens after getting them wet.
SHATTER PROOF LENS – For maximum durability our lens are built of Polycarbonate material. Polycarbonate is extremely strong and has the highest rating for impact resistance. Our lens may forcefully dent, but will never shatter into pieces.
TR90 SHAPE MEMORY – DURABLE + HIGH FLEX – The frame of our sunglasses are built with true TR90- allowing maximum flexibility, light weight, and advanced durability. Our TR90 frames include Shape memory technology that allows the material to bend and flex and holds memory that allows it to return back to its original shape.
FEATHER LIGHT – We’ve built our frame with material that is Durable, flexible and most importantly lightweight. The overall weight of our sunglasses are as light as a feather and feel seamless when wearing; This is intended to maximize comfort.

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