Unicra Multi-Layer Necklace Choker with Long Chain for Women and Girls (Gold)

Tips to Maintain your accessories:
1) Avoid direct contact with heat, or expose under the sun.
2) Before showering, take out the accessories and keep it in a safe place.
3) Avoid solvents or chemicals like perfume or soap. Dry it with a clean towel if gets wet.
4) Clean in a secure location, not the rim of a sink where a piece may slip down the drain.
5) Use only a soft brush, never sharp or hard objects, to remove dirt or particles.

  • Handmade item necklace choker, suitable for party and daily life;
  • Color: Gold;
  • Price for 1 Piece;
  • Total Length please reference picture; you could optionally adjust the length of the necklace as you like;
  • Brand New. If you want to Refund, Please keep the packaging and my products new. Two conditions that you cannot refund are listed as follow: 1. Product is used or damaged, 3. The package or drop of my product is damaged.

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