YENISEY Kids Smart Watch Waterproof for Boys Girls - WiFi+GPS Tracker Smartwatches IP67 Waterproof Fitness Tracker with SOS Camera Anti-Lost Games Touch Screen Electronic Toy Boy Girl

✔ GPS+LBS tracker ✔ Camera ✔ Two-way call ✔ Voice chat
✔ Flashlight ✔ Alarm clock ✔ History tracking ✔ Make friends
✔ Remote voice monitoring ✔ Anti-lost ✔ IP67 Waterproof
✔ Pedometer ✔ Remote camera ✔ SOS signal
✔ Math game ✔ Reward of love icon ✔ Find watch

📶Sim Recommend
You need buy a SIM Card separately, we recommend SpeedTalk Mobile Card.
Recommend to open /month plan, includ

  • ⌚【GPS Smartwatch for Kids】Support Two Way Calling, Waterproof, WiFi+GPS+LBS Tracker, Voice chat, SOS emergency call, camera, Wechat Voice Chat, Dial, Fitness Tracker, Remote Camera, high sensitive touch screen, Pedometer, activity tracking, make friends, School Mode, Settings, Phone Book, Footprint History Route, Photo album, Map GPS Tracker, Geofence, Alarm Clock, Math Game, Remote Voice Monitor, etc. parents can control and set the watch through the APP.
  • ⛳【Wifi+GPS+LBS Safety Tracker】GPS locating is a way of satellite positioning, so it is quite accurate, Realize all-day real-time location tracking. the watch location will be more accurately than signal LBS model. When you’re outdoor Or good signal place, the GPS tracker error will be less than 100meter/330ft, when you indoor or poor GPS signal place, the error will be 0.5-4 miles when in the LBS. children just click SOS to connect the phone. The watch can track and locate your child’s position
  • 📞【Two-way Communication & SOS Emergency Call】Kids can make and answer call via parents have set contacts phone number.The watch can be set to 3 emergency numbers. When the child is in danger, press the SOS button, it will call 3 phone numbers for SOS calls alternatively in 2 rounds until answering the call.IN ADDITION, Parents can send voice /Text message to kids via APP.
  • 📵【Classroom Mode】To ensure your kid is attentive in class, we programmed a classroom feature that restricts usage of the smart watches for kids android at certain times of the day. Parents set this pattern when the children are in class, and then all functions will be forbidden except SOS. The smart watch features are not available, to ensure the normal order of the school.
  • 📱【Speedtalk Sim Card Is a Must Needed】The watch itself must need a Speedtalk sim card and needs open text, data and voice plan (Sim Card is not included in the package)! If no sim card, the watch just be useless. Even the correct time can not be set without Speedtalk SIM card. But no limits for parents’ cellphone service, verizon, att or other carriers will be ok. As long as the watch itself uses SpeedTalk service if you use the watch at U.S.

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