YENISEY Kids Waterproof Smart Watch, Children Phone IP67 Waterproof Smartwatch, Upgrade Touchscreen Smartwatchs, LBS Tracker SOS Anti-Lost Remote Camera Monitoring, Puzzle Game Watch for Girls Boys

🌈 Note:

🔺1.Before inserting SIM Card,pls shutdown the watch.

🔺2.SIM Insert way: side insert way. Take away left plastic cover by screwdriver. Attention must be paid to the direction of the card when you insert. Once the direction of the card is wrong, it will be very troublesome.

🔺3.Our watch needs SIM data to sync with Phone app,be sure the SIM has been opened Voice and Data Plan.

🔺4.The GPS only outdoor availab

  • ⌚【 Kids Smart Watch Multi-functions】There are main functions on this kids smartwatchs: LBS location, phone book, talk-back, footprint, watch alarm clock, safe area, sos emergency alarm, Low-power alarm, remote shutdown, night flashlight, game, camera, photo album, self dialing, two way call.
  • ✨【SOS Call Emergency 】If the child is in danger, press and hold the SOS button for 3s. It can dial 3 phone numbers and SOS calls in 2 rounds until someone answers the APP alert notification. Set the voice/camera display in the app.Children’s smart watches provide cameras and photo albums, so children can take pictures and record good times. You can communicate with your child better.This will promote the emotion between parents and children.It is a special gift for kids childhood and their birt.
  • 📞【Two Way Calls and Voice Chat】In the SeTracker App,parents can set 10 phone nember in the phone book,make your children in trouble and feel free to contact your parents.In addition,smart watch support voice chat function,voice chat time up to 15s,parents can voice chat ways chat and communicate with children through this smart watch,close the distance between each other and help children solve problems in time.
  • 📷【Remote Monitor & Do Not Disturb】Set the voice monitor number in App, dail the number, the watch will automatically answer without remind,smart watch can turn on remote monitor,so the parents can hear the children voice and see around situation.In addition,when you open “Do Not Disturb” in the APP,you can set a time for the child to avoid the interruption of class time.The watch features are not available when the kids are in class time,to ensure the normal order of the school.
  • 🔔【Setup the watch Qand Warm Service】1. Choose Correct SIM Card supporting 2G network,pls buy SPEEDTALK SIM in US(Powered by T-Mobile Network).2.Inserting the SIM into watch before turn off the watch. (Once the watch has signal, then continue the next steps)3. Download app “”SeTracker2″” in your phone. 4. If is device offline, you send several text message to activate the network of watch by the user manual. 5.We provide 100% guarantee service for a period o f 1 year from the date of purchase.

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